Jul 14,

Looking back at 109 - “The Dreamscape”

Fringe - 109 The Dreamscape | Posted by Scully

The Dreamscape

What did we miss?


- After watching this episode with a closer eye, I realize that it is one of my least favorite episodes as far as layers go.  There just doesn’t seem to be much going on this week.  Aside from the ‘mystery’ of John, there are no real breakthroughs or blow-me-away moments.  I discovered no new theories and I uncovered no mysteries.  All in all, kind of a snoozer.  Maybe someone else will have better luck.


How have the characters developed?


- This week my eyes were mostly on Walter.  This seems to be his pivot episode, he is all over the place with his actions.  One minute he’s totally lucid and the next he’s crazy Walter again.  He is aware of the fact that he can be quite obsessive, yet he forgets that he didn’t explain anything to Olivia.  He forgets that the coffee yogurt was him, yet he’s aware enough to refuse to put Olivia back in the tank.

- I also want to touch on Broyles in this episode.  His personality seems to jump around quite a bit on this show.  In this episode he seems to be on the team of M.D.  He comes to Massive Dynamic and Nina’s defense and bites Olivia’s head off when she accuses Massive Dynamic of being involved in George’s death.


What questions were never answered?


- Who is Dr. Peretti?  What was the ‘W’ for?  There was a tombstone with Casey Peretti on it.  Are they related?  Is this a family or character that we have yet to meet?

- Who is the North Woods Group?  Another bad guy group?  Will we come across them in season 2?

- Walter said that he was once a religious man, but not anymore.  What happened to cause the change in his feelings on this matter?

- Once again, the question of who is after Peter, has come up.  At the end we see Michael reporting to someone that Peter is in Boston.  Who is that someone?  Could he be ‘Big Eddie’?

- It might be just me, maybe I’m not getting it, but why was the hallucination that killed George Moralis…John Scott?  It seemed that George knew and trusted John, and believed that Massive Dynamic killed Mark Young.  Why would Massive Dynamic (if it was them) use the image of John to kill him?  Irony?  Convenience?


What tie was Broyles wearing?


- There is a tie missing in this episode.  The night scenes at the beginning…we don’t see Broyles until the next day.


Tune in Sunday, July 19 for “Looking back at 109 - Safe”.

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