Jun 11,

Delay on ‘Looking back at 103″

Fringe - 103 The Ghost Network | Posted by Scully

So, yesterday, I was rewatching “The Ghost Network” taking my notes and preparing my post for “Looking back at 103″, when I realized for the first time that my episode is over 10 minutes shorter than a standard episode. So I open the transcript and start reading it, and that’s when I realize that my copy is missing an entire act.  Act II from the transcript - Roy McComb in Custody, Nina’s office at Massive Dynamic, the briefing room…all of it…missing!!


Anyways, I feel I must watch the episode in it’s entirety before I can accurately write this post, so I will need a few days to get to my parents house and borrow their copy.


I apologize about this, but I will try to get this done as soon as I can.  Thanks for your patience.



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One Response to “Delay on ‘Looking back at 103″”

  1. p3sidentspence

    I think I have the same one. I always wondered why Peter was so mad at Walter about almost getting Roy killed.

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