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Walter’s Video Tape

I would like to talk a bit about the video that Walter was watching at the end of the episode.  Here is the dialogue from the video:

WILLIAM BELL: Is the incident contained?

FEMALE VOICE: Yes, Doctor Bell.



WILLIAM BELL: Casualties?

FEMALE VOICE: Not sure yet. We can’t locate Brenner.

WILLIAM BELL: Is she okay?

FEMALE VOICE: She is fine.

WILLIAM BELL: Hell, do we know what triggered it?

WALTER: Obviously she was upset, William. (to the child) It’s okay. It’s alright now. Nobody is angry with you. You didn’t do anything bad. It’s alright Olive… everything’s going to be okay.


My first question is…who the heck is the female voice?  Could it be Nina Sharp?  If it is Nina…why didn’t they use Blair Brown’s voice?  They used John Noble’s voice for Walter, and Leonard Nimoy’s voice for William Bell.   Then I thought maybe she’s the dead lab assistant, but it seems more likely that this is the ‘accident’ that killed the lab assistant.  So, how about Olivia’s mother or Walter’s wife?  Any ideas?


My second question is…who the heck is Brenner?  Did I miss something?  Has he/she been mentioned before?    Can’t be the lab assistant, her name was Carla Warren.  If anyone knows who Brenner is, please let me know.


My third question is…did ‘Olive’ change her name?  We are assuming that the girl on the video is Olivia, so why the different name?  Was ‘Olive’ just a nickname?  If she did change her name…why?  Nick also called her Olive.  I thought her nickname was Liv, I guess it’s possible to have two nicknames.


My final question is…does this room look burnt to you?



Is it possible that the ‘incident‘ Bell refers to was a fire?  If so, did Olive start it?  Stephen King’s “Firestarter” has a very similar storyline.  A little girl, who, when she gets angry, starts fires that she cannot control., but that do not harm her.  This seems like a plausible theory as to why the room looks burnt in every area except directly around the child.  This theory might be answered in the upcoming episode…”The Road Not Taken“.


Any ideas or additional thoughts about this video?

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9 Responses to “Walter’s Video Tape”

  1. Ph8

    Anwser to your 3rd question is that both Olive AND Liv are common nicknames for a girl named Olivia. Multiple nicknames are not uncommon. Nick would ahve picked up the “Olive” nickname most likely from Walter\Bell calling her it. I also beleive Walter called her Olive, when he touched her face, the funny thing is Nick never called her Olive with anyone arround, but Olivia. THis is why I think she backed off with the shcoked\hurt expression on her face. This is where she realized Walter had a hand in experimenting on her when she was a child. The next scene we see is of Walter going through his tape box and looking at Olive\Olivia’s tape.

    The video also has simillar traits to the transfportation aftermath when the german guy left the prison. You can see the lampshare bent outwards as if something eminated from her, but I dont think we will get an answer until next week.

  2. pr3sidentspence

    Yes, it’s very much a mirror of the effect that the transportation left on Jone’s prison cell.

    I don’t think that this fire is the fire that killed the lab assistant. That fire occurred, I would assume, not long before Walter went to St. Claire’s in 1991. In 1991 Olivia would have been something like 12 or 13 years old.

  3. Scully

    That’s true, there is a 10 year gap there, since Olivia said she was three years old at the time that the experiments would have been taking place.

    Also, I remembered another reason why the female voice on the tape probably isn’t Nina. At the end of ‘Ability’, when Nina talks to Olivia on the phone, she seems genuinely surprised that there was another experiment done in Jacksonville.

  4. ec91199

    since her room shares similarities with the German jail cell post-teleportation, and considering they “can’t locate brenner”, maybe it’s possible she accidentally transported him or something.

  5. pr3sidentspence

    Brenner is a German origin name that means, “Distiller.”

  6. Scully

    Oooo, ec91199, I like that theory. Teleportation without the device Walter built. Very interesting.

  7. pr3sidentspence

    Hmmm… yes, especially as the first thing Walter suspects is that she teleported herself to NYC to push the woman.

  8. pr3sidentspence

    The name Brenner might mean distiller, but I just read on another site that the German word brenner means “burner.”

  9. Scully

    Now that sounds more in fitting with the the theme. So it might be possible that Olive’ didn’t start the fire, she just protected herself from it. Although the dialogue on the video doesn’t really support that, but it’s a thought.

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