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Proof of Life - 119

I am posting a separate image of the burning other-world city, because there is something different that I want to concentrate on this time.  Look closely on the sidewalk and you will notice two lamp posts and six trees.

Our reality


Now look at the city as Olivia sees it in the other universe…

Other reality


They are all gone.  This could only happen two ways.  The first way would be if they were photoshopped into one of the images or photoshopped out of the other.  The second way would be if they were props; placed into the scene for one shot and removed for the other.  Either of these methods is a hell of a lot of work, and had to be done intentionally.  So, what does it mean?


I think we are all aware of the circle of life and what happens when it’s messed with:


Plants play the most important part in the cycle of nature.  They are the primary producers that sustain all other life forms. This is so because plants are the only organisms that can make their own food. Animals, incapable of making their own food, depend directly or indirectly on plants for their supply of food. All animals and the foods they eat can be traced back to plants.  The disappearance of plants would also destroy the food chains on this planet. The herbivorous animals will all die within a year, carnivorous animals would live additional 4-5 years, and with no good food supplies humanity would last maybe another 50 years.  In other words…without plants, there could be no life on Earth.


Is that what they are telling us?  It’s not just a war that could destroy mankind.  It’s not a plague or an outbreak that wipes out the human race.  Maybe it’s not ‘us’ that’s in danger at all, maybe it’s the planet.  Now mind you, if the planet dies, we all die, but I think you get my point.


Walter says: “Something terrible is coming.”  Not someone…but something.  Something that can destroy our entire planet?  Possibly from the inside out; the beacon from “The Arrival”…maybe it didn’t come to the surface to collect data…maybe it came to deliver data.


There was a shelf full of books at Susan’s apartment…

Susan's books



The Hollow Earth by Raymond Bernard is based on a theory that the Earth is not a solid sphere but is hollow and has openings at the poles. Furthermore, an advanced civilization, the Agartha, exists within Earth. Their people include advanced spiritual and technological masters who sometimes foray into the atmosphere in their UFOs.  There is also the notion that the Eskimos originated within the Earth and that an advanced civilization dwells within even now.  (I will list the rest of the books in a separate post)


I realize none of this explains the missing lamp posts.  On that I got nothin’.  I suppose it’s possible that the whole thing was done just to show that there are differences between the worlds other than Broyles office.  I prefer to go with my theory, otherwise, I just wasted two hours of my time.

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15 Responses to “Proof of Life - 119”

  1. Ph8

    Since it looked like there had been a battle going on, you could also assume that these things were destoyed\damaged durring the conflict.

  2. trees

    Not sure about the trees thing … when Olivia is first walking out of the building to look upon that chaotic scene, there is still a tree on her sidewalk, even as the ambulance passes ….

    Now if you’ll notice an interesting thing about that ambulance, it has a European siren … which makes me wonder about the nature of the US in this alterverse … O_o

    And kudos to that scene in general. It looked ultra realistic, even though we can know that it was all photoshoped and cgi. Best scene in Fringe outside of the pilot/arrival in my opinion.

  3. AnaA

    Hey there. I think something is changing Nature or Nature is changing itself… Take a look at the first comic book and you will fnd something saying that. I think it’s a clue for what’s happening.

  4. c9urk

    does no-one else notice that in olivia’s vision (or whatever you want to call it) on the buliding to the left it says in YELLOW tag ‘HE IS HERE’ i havent seen any1 mention this on this website or in any other websites, surley it is not only me who noticed this.

  5. c9urk

    also as well does any one else think of CLOVERFIELD when looking at the pic with the smoke and helicopter? looks a bit like the movie’s poster

  6. c9urk

    sorry me again it is like a spot the difference competition lol. the crane at back left has also been removed.

  7. Scully

    Actually c9urk, there is a post with the YELLOW tag ‘HE IS HERE’
    already on this site. You can view it here… /05/

    PS. I didn’t even notice the crane…good eye.

  8. p3sidentspence

    There’s a lot of differences. An almost obscured building is missing and some smoke hides that. Most of what is missing are harder to model complex shapes: trees, curved lamps, etc.

    I think what was done here is the city was modeled in some pro-equivalent of something like Google Sketchup and some things were left out due to complexity and time. Curves and natural forms are hard to model, buildings are easy.

  9. Scully

    That is probably so true. I work with 3D Max and Maya. The more complex, especially curved items, the more polygons and the longer it takes to render. I never thought of that.

  10. pr3sidentspence

    What do you do besides provide us with a place to post crazy ideas, Scully?

  11. Scully

    Graphic Design…in other words, I sit on my ass all day and say…’ooh aah look how pretty.’

  12. pr3sidentspence

    I wonder if the choice that caused the difference in worlds relates to John Scott. “He is not dead.”

    Besides, now that he’s (presumably) out of Liv’s head, how else are they going to bring him back besides a reality where he didn’t die?

  13. Mic

    I started thinking about that too, pr3sidentspence. The “he’s not dead” and “he is here” appear to be connected and I lean towards them both referring to John Scott. Definitely world-changing…

  14. Scully

    I just hope we will still be seeing more of John Scott. I heard a rumor that Mark Valley has been cast for either his own show, or for some big movie. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet so let’s not panic.

    I think bringing John back in another reality would be brilliant…the same as William Bell, this gives Olivia the exclusivity that we’re used to, and keeps the characters on the screen.

    I love it.

  15. Mic

    It’s still possible for him to come back in the first reality as well. In the pilot, Olivia is explaining Fringe science to Peter and mentions re-animation. John Scott looks awfully good in his incubator for a guy who has been dead for months… Just a thought.

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