May 7, Posted in Fringe - 119 The Road Not Taken by Scully

Mysteries Solved - 119

So much happened this week, I wasn’t sure where to start.  For now, let’s review the answers we received to some of the questions that have been gnawing at us for weeks.


#1 - The Man with the Glasses. O.K. I was wrong, it wasn’t William Bell, it was Isaac Winters.  He was the lawyer who activated Nick Lane.  But I wasn’t the only one who thought it was Belly (you know who you are)!



#2 - Peter’s Project. Alright, so I was wrong again - nothing new.  It wasn’t some funky aura-altering machine that Peter was making for Nina (although I still think that was a cool theory).  It is just an audio re-constructor for digitizing Walter’s damaged records.  Nice of Peter to do that, BTW.


Peter uses his gadget to pull audio off of a piece of glass from the window in Nancy’s apartment, playing the grooves like a vinyl record.  I’ve seen technology very similar to this used in a CSI episode - they called it acoustic recovery technology.  Grissom used a laser to pull audio off of the grooves of a ceramic pot on a turntable, in the same manner Peter used it his thingermabob to pull audio off of the glass.  For those who are interested; that was CSI Season 5, Episode 21 - “Committed”.



#3 - The Typewriter with the Misaligned ‘y’. Finally, a theory we nailed on the head.  It was William Bell who used the typewriter to write the ZFT manifesto and not Walter.  Must be a load off of Walter’s back, since he is back to using his old typewriter to type his lab notes.



#4 - Agent Harris. I think we all knew he was bad, and I am not sorry that he got himself blown to smithereens, because he was starting to chap my ass.  I must say, he does look better in the second picture.  I guess I don’t need to include him when I do the bio updates this summer.



#5 - Parallel Universes. Thanks to pr3sidentspence and his brilliant quantum physics lesson, we were able to get ahead of this idea, and come up with pretty much the same theory as Walter.  Now that it has been confirmed, I am looking forward to seeing where they take it.



#6 - Missing Pages. Walter has found the original copy of the ZFT manifesto with the missing pages.   No, they weren’t hidden under the stairs or in one of the walls, as I suspected.  They were mixed in with his record collection.



If I have missed any answers, let me know, and don’t worry, we’ll get to the questions soon enough.

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10 Responses to “Mysteries Solved - 119”

  1. pr3sidentspence

    I was quite annoyed that Harris was evil. I thought his best character moments were when he gave in to reason and let Liv do her job even though he despised her.

    In the end, with him being a bad man, his arc stops being an arc and becomes a straight line. And really it was all to simple for Fringe.

    I have a theory that this isn’t how it was supposed to go, but that the actor who plays Harris didn’t want to or couldn’t make the move to Canada for season 2. As such, they had to change course and write him out.

    This reminds me of the infamous “it was all a dream” device from Dallas.

  2. ariannejean

    they are filming the second season in Canada?
    I didn’t know that!
    I knew there had been rumors, but I though they were just rumors!

  3. pr3sidentspence

    Oh, and I think that maybe the reason that Walter wanted so much to redeem Bell is because that it was actually Walter who wrote it.

  4. pr3sidentspence

    I think it’s a done deal, but I might be wrong.

  5. ariannejean

    it take it they’ll choose toronto… won’t it be a bit odd visually to go from one country to another?

    I mean,I’m honored as a Canadian to have my favorite show filmed here ( I can rarely say anything I watch was filmed here…other then One Week), but it seems odd.

  6. Scully

    Actually, they will be moving to Vancouver. I think something happened in NYC with the tax laws that made it too expensive for filming there.

  7. QuincyK

    “I have a theory that this isn’t how it was supposed to go, but that the actor who plays Harris didn’t want to or couldn’t make the move to Canada for season 2. As such, they had to change course and write him out.”

    This seems to ring true. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like they’re tying up loose ends or something.

  8. p3sidentspence

    Canada FTW!

    (sorry )

  9. p3sidentspence

    Yep, Vancouver is what I heard, too.

    Get ready for Mountains and evergreen rainforsts in Boston!

    It’s weird, because it’s been claimed that Toronto looks more like New York than New York does.

  10. Scully

    I’ve never been to NYC and I guess Toronto just looks like Toronto to me. I do think I shall take a trip next season to visit my family in…VANCOUVER!

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