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MD & ZFT friends or foes?

Are Massive Dynamic and ZFT friends or foes? This should be an easy question to answer…FRIENDS…William Bell is the founder of Massive Dynamic and he funds ZFT.  What more do you need, right?  Wrong.  There are some things that don’t seem to add up for me.


#1 - The manifesto.  OK, so William Bell wrote the original and then ZFT ripped out the pages on ethics to make the manuscript suit their needs.  This would lean more towards ZFT being some sort of rogue group.  A faction that has strayed from the original goal perhaps for money or power, who knows.


#2 - Harris seemed to be working for Massive Dynamic.  He was very upset when he found out about the investigation into MD.  And when Jones turned himself in to the FBI, Harris was very hostile towards him.  Harris obviously knew Jones, there are pictures of him all over  he wall of the warehouse where Harris was running his tests.  This also seems to be confirmed by the scratched out photo of Jones.  You don’t scratch out the face of a colleague who has died or gone missing.

Jones, Jones and more Jones.


#3 - Harris has a serious stick up his ass when it comes to Olivia, and she is apparently very very important to ZFT.  You would think that he would be gently sending her in the direction that he wants her to go, rather than bullying her every move.


#4 - Who shot NIna?  I’m sure it wasn’t random and I doubt that they were Massive Dynamic employees, so that leaves ZFT.


So is it possible that ZFT and MD are on opposite sides?  Perhaps they are in a race to activate soldiers for their own armies.  If that’s true, why is William Bell funding ZFT?  Maybe he’s not.  Let’s face it, the source where that information came from was a ZFT member (Dr. Boone).  If he knew he was dying and they couldn’t torture him for information, it would be an incredible show of loyalty to ZFT to throw out the name of the leader of their enemy.


Just a thought, could be completely wrong.  It wouldn’t be the first time.

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19 Responses to “MD & ZFT friends or foes?”

  1. Di

    what needs to be considered is that Bell is currently funding ZFT, so he’s not [or shouldn't be] completely against them. something worth considering too, is that on the episode in which olivia shoots and kills lobe’s wife, lobe, a confess member of ZFT, and knowing of her importance [because olivia had already been kidnapped by then and everything regarding cortexiphan had been revealed], tells his wife to shoot and kill olivia herself. olivia might be important, but she’s also a hazard for the whole organization due to her meddling.

  2. Jeff

    Broyles it the bad guy !

  3. Scully

    Di - We only think that Bell is funding ZFT because that’s what Dr. Boone told Olivia in his video. That doesn’t necessarily make it true. Also, I believe that Olivia is very important to ZFT, and the only reason Loeb ordered his wife to kill her is because Olivia was endangering their organization. Although, I have never understood that whole Loeb thing anyways.

    Why did Loeb infect himself and go through all that work just to get the code ‘Little Hill’ from Mr. Jones? Aren’t they on the same team? Couldn’t Loeb just ask Jones’ lawyer to get a message for him?

    Just another example of us not really knowing who works for whom, and what loyalties lie where.

  4. p3sidentspence

    Loeb didn’t get the LITTLE HILL from Mr. Jones, they got it from the guy who the sniper shot in the head. Can’t remember his name. Jones didn’t necessarily know it was LITTLE HILL until Olivia told him.

  5. Jeff

    Exactly !

  6. Scully

    OMG, you’re right. So sorry everyone…102 fever and curled up in the fetal position. Not Swine flu, just regular old kick-your-ass flu.

  7. pr3sidentspence

    I hope you feel better soon, Scully.

    Take it easy,


  8. Di

    get well soon!

  9. Scully

    Thanks guys.

  10. pr3sidentspence


    The scratched out face of Jones is likely the Easter Egg for the finale, as the preview shows Jones’ face is very messed up.

  11. Di

    true that mike!

  12. Hyde

    Is it possible that control of MD has been taken out of Bell’s hands at some point and his vision for the company corrupted?
    This would then explain why he is funding ZFT?
    Are MD responsible for the tech the manuscript warns against?

  13. Scully

    The Jones pic as the next episode clue…I like it!

  14. Mic

    I’ve been having an impromptu Fringe marathon this afternoon, gorging on the older episodes to refresh my memory about certain things and something caught my eye or ear maybe, I don’t know. The bad guys last names kind of have a pattern– Pilot/Steig, Ghost Network/Zeigler, Power Hungry/Fischer, The Equation, Safe and Bound/Loeb, In Which We Meet Mr. Jones/Mr. Jones, The Transformation/Moreau. There might be more, I’m not sure, but it occurred to me that the first 4 are German in origin, Mr. Jones was English I believe, and Moreau was French. Put this with the European siren used for the ambulance in “The Road Not Taken”… Is it Europe vs. US?

  15. QuincyK

    yes and doesn’t olivia and peter meet someone in an episode who says ‘this is like paris all over again’? or something like that.

    i cant remember what episode it was, but it might tie in with the pictures of the louvre from the two episodes, and the Moreau character.

  16. pr3sidentspence

    The Transformation, is that the one with the werewolfy like thing? If that’s the case, then the Moreau is likely an homage to The Island of Doctor Moreau.

  17. Mic

    I can’t remember the episode either, but yes, I’m thinking there was a line somewhere to that effect, QuincyK. The name Moreau refers to The Island of Doctor Moreau, pr3, but they specifically say he’s a French national at the end of the episode. His first name “Conrad” seems to tie back to German ancestry though. German mother maybe?

    I didn’t quite think this all through before I posted, but I guess what I was trying to say was that ZFT could be a few steps ahead in the alternate reality.

  18. p3sidentspence

    Crazy theory # 32583: William Bell is dead and is running the war from the past.

  19. Mic

    Found the scene about “Paris all over again” in the Transformation– it’s actually the bad guy who makes that remark and was about the last sceduled meeting which never took place due to a French Intelligence report. Seems not to have anything to do with Susan Pratt and the Louvre.

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