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Oct 24, 2008

Peter Bishop – played by Joshua Jackson

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Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop
Full Name: Peter_________Bishop
Date of Birth: 1978
Place of Birth: Cambridge, MA
Marital Status: Eligible bachelor
IQ: 190
Education: MIT drop-out
Wild land fireman
Cargo pilot
Floor Sweeper at a meatpacking plant
Biochemical Engineer
Chemistry Professor
FBI Consultant
Background: Criminal activities, including, falsifying an MIT degree to become a College Chemistry Professor and publish some papers. He is also bi-lingual (speaks Farsi). He owes money to a guy named Big Eddy.  There are people watching him and people trying to find him…who, we don’t know.

When Peter was a child, he was traveling with his father, Walter, to a family Thanksgiving dinner. Their car slipped off the road onto a frozen lake. The ice broke and the car began to sink. With their fate apparently certain, Walter and Peter were saved by the Observer. As a result, Walter owed a debt to the Observer;, which he repays in The Arrival, by hiding the beacon from John Mosely.

When he was a little boy he contracted a very rare disease similar to Hepia, a form of bird flu. Trying to find a cure, Walter discovered a Swiss physician named Dr. Alfred Gross, the only man to ever successfully cure a case of Hepia. Unfortunately, Dr. Gross had died in 1936 so Walter designed a device to reach back in time and bring Dr. Gross back. But the device was apparently not used as Walter said Peter got better on his own.  This, of course, is probably not true.  We see Walter standing over the grave of Peter, who apparently died at a young age.  Walter mentioned that “back then” when he and Bell took LSD, Walter lost something very precious to him and went to an alternate reality to get it back. The Peter we know, may not be Walter’s son.

After Walter was institutionalized, Peter moved to Allston with his mother because she could not afford the mortgage of their house in Cambridge.

Nina Sharp told Peter that she knew him when he was a small boy, that she and his father, Walter, were once quite close and that she and Peter spent time together at the equestrian center where they are now sitting.

Peter seems to have many connections: Kyle, some sort of genius who worked for a phone company- tapped into Mitchell Loebs’ home phone.  The man at the bookstore, who found them the ZFT manuscript.  Mako, the owner of the biggest chop shop in Boston.

9 Responses to “Peter Bishop – played by Joshua Jackson”

  1. Ilya Kuryakin

    Peter is left-handed like his “father”.

  2. Mike

    Peter is not an MIT drop-out, he’s a high-school drop-out, IIRC.

  3. Mike

    Although this might be a fringe fumble.. in the pilot they say high-school, but then they say he dropped out of MIT in another episode.

  4. Mike

    Oh, also, we know he’s AT LEAST bilingual. Somehow I don’t see him speaking english and farsi without a few others in the mix. Wasn’t he able to translate the German ZFT as well?

  5. Jo

    The transcript he got was in English. Though he did translated the German title off of Olivia’s phone

  6. Di

    on employment, and if i recall correctly, he also mentioned that he swept floors on a slaughterhouse [irrelevant i know, but the idea of someone with a 190 iq scrubbing cow's blood off the floor simply made me smile] :P

  7. Mike


    Whoops, that’s what I meant. I don’t think they had anything more than the title of the German version.

  8. pr3sidentspence

    Also regarding employment, Peter seems to work for some kind of organization as suggested by his altercation in the diner with the photographer who said something like, “You were supposed to report in before returning.”

    We’ve been led to believe that it’s a criminal organization, but I’m not sure about that.

  9. grayscale117

    Peter Bishop IS not an MIT drop out, he faked his way in and never finished. Also, on the bilingual bit, he also speaks Cantonese.