Aug 2, 2009

Cortexifan site for sale - Fou Trust site active

Cortexifan | Viral/ARG | Posted by Scully

Thanks to ariannejean for doing all of the work on this one.

When you go to the Cortexifan website, It now looks like this…


When you click on, it takes you to, where the Domain name is apparently for sale.

- Under ‘Offer Description’ it reads: “Cortexifan is a domain suitable for several areas of research and technology including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and Fringe Shift Interferometry. - foutrust”.

- Thanks to ariannejean for doing the research and finding out there is a website called


The homepage say:

“Fou Trust and Holdings Company is an independent trust company founded on behalf of an Anonymous benefactor in 1991″

“We do not need a looking glass to leap into the improbable beyond.”  - Fou Trust Founder


The most interesting part of this website are the images in the library archive.  The first one is a set of two pages with, what looks like, the same list of names and test results that were originally on the Cortexifan website.  Also on the pages is a drawing of a butterfly and the name Pete in a child’s handwriting as well as a palm print of a child.  Under the image it reads “This was very special to the founder.  One of his most treasured documents.” The title of the image is “496533578121020337609_1245637159“.


The second image is a drawing of two chess pieces…bishops, to be exact.  Two bishops, how interesting.  In the bottom right corner of the picture, it says ‘Fou en Fou’. Fou is french for insane…translation…insane to insane.  I also like the symbolism of one being very colorful and one being in grayscale, I just wonder which one is supposed to be Walter and which one is supposed to be Peter.  Under the image it says: “The founder often was found staring at this chess piece painting.  He also took great joy at playing the game.”.


The next image is Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass First editions.  Under the image it says: “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass First editions.  A pair of his favorite books, at today’s collector’s valuations could be worth millions.”.  Could these possibly belong to William Bell?  Is he the founder of Fou Trust?


The last image is a page 141 from the above book.The title of the image is “gryphon“.


Real or not real, I found this sight intriguing.  There are some other pages to look at, but I don’t want to spoil all of the fun, so I will let you to it.

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9 Responses to “Cortexifan site for sale - Fou Trust site active”

  1. Di

    the cortexiphan list with the ‘pete’ scribble is obviously peter, real our reality peter i might almost bet to say. regarding the bishop artwork, i don’t think it’s peter AND walter. i’m sure it’s bound to represent the same person, our reality’s version v. alternate reality’s, it could be any of them, but the fou en fou reference might represent walter, as he’s the ‘crazy’ one and was indeed committed already by 1991, date set as reference. alice in wonderland and through the looking glass being the ‘founder’s’ favorite books is indeed logical, the books are based entirely upon the existence of an alternate reality, and indeed on through the looking glass alice steps through a literal barrier [a mirror on her living room] which transports her to a whole different existence going around right next to hers. the griffin [or gryphon, as it appears in the book] image comes from alice in wonderland’s chapter ‘the mock turtle’s story’ [on the image shown, based on it being an original version, the title was simply 'turtle's story']. i own the annotated version of both books, so i’ll re-read the chapter closely as well as the notes to see if i find any connection to anything. both alice books are also my favorite books :)

  2. sophia fernandes

    sooooo exited *-*

  3. sophia fernandes

    what a hell mean that numbers in the picture with the butterfly? can they be coordinators? my english sucks

  4. Ryan

    In France, the bishop in chess is called the fou. Yes, it means crazy, but perhaps it simply is a reference to Walter/Peter/et al.

    In the coming season, I think the interesting thing about Walter will be that he, in fact, isn’t as crazy as he appears.

  5. sethy

    The whole “insane vs. insane” drawing, or chess pieces, made me think that what if the founder is Walter, I mean maybe in an alternate universe there never was a fire, and he might not have gone to St. Claire’s…its always those “what ifs” that get to me….

  6. Scully Scully

    Oh my God…Bishop and Bishop is Walter and Walter! How did I miss that one? Good work guys.

  7. Di

    yes scully, i’m pretty sure is the same bishop twice. also, and i realized this after i wrote the first msg, the psychedelic-like pattern used for the second ‘bishop’ is similar to others commonly used within the context of drug usage [mostly recreational]. we know already walter was ‘fond’ of acid on his earlier days, and that’s pretty much what could, well, mean in our world..the the human brain on drugs [or in this case, on LSD], which might compliment the ‘crazy’ much as fou means bishop in french, fou en fou was not thrown out there lightly

  8. Di

    ok, me again, sorry. i was just checking the ‘complete the patter’ site, and besides the fact that we’ll be emailed the same instructions you’d get txt’ed if you send the msg to the number they gave at comic-con [i signed up, it said i would 'receive further instructions once phase 2 begun'], i also noticed about the small frog located on the lower left corner of the main page. it is indeed the regular fringe frog, but it’s also appearing on the same fashion as it did on the old cortexifan site, before they ‘put it up for sale’. it IS on the opposite corner though, but it’s still sitting there, like a signature. i’m SURE it’s meant to mean the same, so it shook up the slight doubts we might’ve had before about the cortexifan site being a fake..maybe we just got the spelling wrong from the get go, and it’s been meant to be written with an F all along.

  9. ariannejean

    the website has 00030121 written on the bottom left hand side so I googled it. it came up with this, which may not be important or relevant i suppose but it reminds me a lot of the observers note book. The writing style I mean.

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